How to earn Google Play Cash ?

Hey Guys! What’s going out there? Here, I am back with an article that I think you are clear what this is going to help you in. Now without wasting much time let’s start. I hope you all will like it J :->
Firstly, let me tell you what things can you do with this money? You can buy apps on Google Play Store, buy books on Google Play, Books buy movies on Goggle Movies and You Tube but you cannot use it for any other transactions even if it is from Google’s own payment app Google Pay.
Now let’s learn how to earn J :-> Google Survey app (Google Opinion Rewards) :-> Though you might be unaware of this app but yes, I have to agree that it is an app as all other apps and available on the play store. Here, Google conducts survey about its services, products and its advertisements.There are around 4-5 questions with choices provided, you just need to answer them and Google will pay you accordingly. This money is the Google Play money that, I think I already have told y…


Hey Guys! I’ am back with another article. Today, I will tell you how to hide a file in Android OS without any vault app. Here we go J ->
Open File ExplorerOpen the file explorer app on your system (with Android OS) because we need to get to the location of the file that you want to hide, and the file explorer is where you will get the location.

Go to the locationAs I already mentioned you need the file location to hide it so go to the location of the file or just search it by name in the search bar and the file explorer will take you to it’s location.

Rename it (place a dot ‘.’ before it’s original name)Now, as soon as you reach the file location, tap it long and go to the menu and select the option to rename it.

And after that just rename it by placing a dot ‘.’ as its first character and you may leave the rest of the name to be the original one or may change it if you want, but, you must put that dot on the very first in either cases.

For example: Original name : humming New name :…

Android apps to run Python Codes

Hello Guys! Welcome back again. If you are a coding enthusiast and especially if you love to code in Python then this post is specifically for you. Today, I will be presenting you the best apps (available in Play Store) that provide a great environment to run Python codes and enlace you with many libraries. Here we go J - QPython ( by –River Yan)QPython is one of the first projects that are aimed at providing a complete coding environment for Python on Android OS. It is the best Python IDE available on Android platform and provides complete solution for Python on Android. It has Kivy module downloadable and many other python modules (like ipython). It also has another app named AIPY which together with Qpython provides python libraries for machine learning. It also has an option to opt between both Python 3.x and Python 2.x versions. Also its interface is easy and nothings there that could prove to be confusing. I do personally use this app. QPython 3.x
QPython 2.x

Pydroid 3 –Educational …


Hey Guys! Welcome back. Here I am with another article. Today I’ am gonna discuss how to run your Java program with the help of command prompt without any IDE (Integrated Development Environment). I will show you by compiling the following code ->

Here we go 😊 - 1.Firstly check if you have a JDK distribution installed or not (If you are sure that it is installed then directly jump to the second step). If you are not sure than open command prompt. And type : java –version
See the picture ->

And hit enter. If it tells the version like the following it means it’s installed.

Else if it shows the following text it means it’s not installed.

If it is not installed then click here to install one. Check again after installing to make it sure that it is installed properly.
2.Now write the following command to compile the java program (I wish you might be aware that a program code needs to be compiled before run). Syntax: javac file­_location_with_file_name Example: javac C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\hello…


Hey! What’s going on? Did you just now come across a fantastic video on You Tube? And now, you may be looking the web for how to download that?
Okay, you need not to wait too long, I’ am going to tell you the quickest way both for PC as well as android platform to download a video from You Tube. Here we go 😊-
*Downloading (and then sharing) non copyrighted video from You Tube is legal but downloading (and then sharing) copyrighted video’s is completely illegal. But you may do so without any serious risks J. Was just informing you if you too are against piracy (and that’s very nice of you to be.).
1.Open You Tube (if on PC search it in the browser) and go to the video you want to download.
2. Now, press share button and copy the link to the video.

3. Open a browser (if on PC then just open a new tab) and search for
4. Paste the link to the video in the given box and hit the fetch button.
5. This website will provide you the downloadable video as well as it’s audio in many format…


Hey! guy’s, whenever you travel to some new place you obviously do that because you need freshness, adventure , want to gain knowledge about tradition, food and customs or you are a traveler who likes to travel to new places just to see how does it look like to be there.
If you are travelling to Uttarakhand and are interested to taste the food of this hilly state, so here are top 10 foods selected by us that you should taste.
1. Jaula It is a dish prepared out of curd milk and is generally served with rice as a replacement for dal.  It has different variants found all over Uttarakhand. It is basically a curry made by curd milk and spices.
It is delicious with a sour taste (not too sour, can hardly be sensed).
Many a times it is prepared by adding cucumber/guard/radish badi to which makes it much tastier. If you ever visit Uttarakhand you must try this dish.

2.  Kandali vegetable or bichu ghass saag Have you ever heard of nettle plant? Yes, I am talking of the same nettle plant which ha…